Ride refreshed

Free car
air freshener
with one Aqua scent capsule
To redeem, accumulate
 worth of
 Synergy™ Supreme+
receipts from now till 17 June, while stocks last.


USB charging port for mobile devices. Output: 5V 2A
Operates on a 12V cigarette lighter outlet.
Twists up to 340º fitting almost any car.

Redeem additional scents with your Smiles Points!

One capsule

100 Smiles Points

Two or more capsules

80 Smiles Points each

Scents available:


Sea Salt, Amber and Tangerine

Let the tranquility of the oceans wash over you with this pure scent, so you'll stay a picture of cool and calm behind the wheel.


Rosemary, Clove and Amber

Feel energized wherever you go, with a scent that truly invigorates the senses. It's sure to make your journey come alive.

Citrus Blossom

Tangerine, Jasmine and Cedar

Make every trip one to remember for you and your passengers with Citrus Blossom, a fruity, floral fragrance that is just the right balance between alluring and refreshing.

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