Synergy™ Supreme⁺ protects your engine, and now you.

Get an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing branded Esso umbrella

Blue Umbrella

Available from 9 September to 6 October
Black Umbrealla

Black Umbrella

Available from 7 October to 3 November
Black Umbrealla

Simply spend $250 on Synergy Supreme+ from 9 September to 3 November 2019.

Synergy Supreme+
Get the umbrella for FREE
Synergy Regular, Extra, Diesel
Top up 350 Esso Smiles points to get the umbrella

Exclusively for Citi Cardholders, get an additional $50 cash rebate when you charge your fuel spend to a Citi Card. Valid with an accumulated $250 nett fuel spend per month for two months. Visit for full terms and conditions.  

Learn more about how Synergy Supreme+ protects your engine and keeps it running like new.

Terms and conditions
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