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Make the most of your journeys with an Esso Smiles Private Hire card.

Convert your daily miles into smiles with our Esso Smiles Driver Rewards Programme™

Enjoy savings and be rewarded for every litre of fuel you fill. Pick up an Esso Smiles card at any of our service stations to:

  • Maximise Esso fuel discounts
  • Earn Smiles points
  • Redeem Smiles points for more fuel savings and other attractive Esso Smiles rewards
  • Gain access to exclusive Esso promotions
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Just for Esso Smiles Private Hire card members

In addition to your Private Hire fuel discount, receive up to $30 worth of fuel vouchers via the Esso app every month. Simply register your Esso Smiles Private Hire card and opt-in to receive marketing messages.

Enjoy great savings when you sign up for the exclusive Esso Gojek card.

Gojek Esso Fuel card

Save up to 33.4% on fuel with the Gojek Esso Fuel card

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Perks for our private hire drivers.

Discover more about the privileges and savings you enjoy with your Esso Smiles card.

Fuel discounts at Esso.

Earn Smiles points and redeem attractive Smiles rewards.

Enjoy exclusive Esso promotions.

Start enjoying your Esso Smiles perks!

Just head down to any Esso service station to pick up your Esso Smiles Private Hire card. To start redeeming points, don’t forget to register your card.

Save on everyday fuel.

Imagine, savings on every trip you make. Simply present your Esso Smiles card when you pay for fuel purchases at our service stations to enjoy Esso fuel discounts and earn Smiles points.

What’s more, every Smiles point earned goes towards additional savings of up to 2.4%.

*Smiles members will be awarded Smiles Points equivalent to 1.6% (normal tier) or 2.2% (bonus tier) fuel savings when 250 litres of Synergy fuel is purchased within a calendar month.
The 1.6%/2.2% fuel savings is computed based on the pump price of Synergy Extra at $2.78/L, with 750 Smiles points being equivalent to S$30 worth of Synergy fuel. Savings are calculated based on bonus tier Smiles points being awarded. Terms and conditions of the Smiles Driver programme apply.

For even greater savings, use one of our partner credit cards to make payment when you top up fuel. You can also link these credit cards to your Esso Smiles card. Then all you need to do is flash your credit card when making payments to enjoy the full array of Esso fuel discounts and earn Smiles points.

DBS Esso card members^

Up to 25.6% savings for DBS Esso card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card comprising of:
• 22% instant discount
• Up to 3.6% cashback/rebates

All other DBS credit card members^

22% savings for all other DBS card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card

Citibank Cash Back card members^

Up to 28.88% savings for Citibank Cash Back card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card comprising of:
• 22% instant discount
• Up to 6.88% cashback/rebates

All other Citibank credit card members^

22% savings for all other Citibank card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card

OCBC 365 card members^

Up to 26.2% savings for OCBC 365 card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card comprising of:
• 22% instant discount
• Up to 4.2% cashback/rebates
NTUC/OCBC Plus! Visa credit or
debit card members^

Up to 26.3% savings for NTUC/OCBC Plus! credit or debit card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card comprising of:
• 22% instant discount
• Up to 4.3% cashback/rebates

All other OCBC credit card members^

22% savings for all other OCBC credit card members with Esso Smiles Private Hire card

Trust credit / debit card

Up to 22% savings for Trust credit or debit card customers with Esso Smiles Private Hire card comprising of
• 22% instant discount​
• Up to 3.5% rebate on nett amount (Credit card only. min. spend applies)​
• 0.22% Linkpoint rebates on nett amount
T&Cs apply

^Card Discount can only be automatically applied by presenting the relevant physical card at the cashier counter. Card discounts may not be fully applied to payments made via mobile payments or e-wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay at the indoor and outdoor Pay-at Pump terminals.

Earn Esso Smiles points with your Esso Smiles Private Hire card.

Accumulate Esso Smiles points every time you pump fuel at our service station. Here’s how.

Present your Esso Smiles card during payment whenever you top up Synergy fuel at any Esso service station.

Earn 1 Esso Smiles point with every litre of Esso Synergy fuel (Supreme+ , Extra, Regular, Diesel) purchased

Receive 35% bonus Esso Smiles points when you pump more than 250 litres of Esso Synergy fuel in a calendar month. That’s equivalent to additional savings of about 2.4%*!

Your Esso Smiles points never expire, as long as you continue to earn points at least once within 12 months.

*2.4% savings includes 35% bonus Smiles points earned from pumping 250 litres within a calendar month and is calculated based on 750 Smiles points being used for $30 worth of instant fuel redemption and approximate pump price of $2.30/litre.

So many ways to redeem your Esso Smiles rewards!

From instant fuel savings to irresistible lifestyle perks, our plethora of Smiles rewards will keep you beaming ear to ear on the roads. You can choose to redeem yours at Esso stations, via the Esso app or from our partners’ loyalty programmes. Your perk, your pick!

Drive in happy. Drive off happier.

Perhaps there’s nothing more gratifying to drivers than instant fuel savings or a free car wash. To redeem yours, simply present your Esso Smiles card the next time you drive by our service station. Get your fill of fuel – and rewards – all at one stop.

750 Esso Smiles points

300 Esso Smiles points

180 Esso Smiles points

250 Esso Smiles points

Smiles points updated WEF 1 June 2022.

Indulgences at your fingertips.

Retail therapy, gourmet dining, movie treats for your loved ones, and more. Redeem pampering rewards on the go, right on the Esso app. Haven’t downloaded it on your phone? Get the Esso app now and get in touch with our latest offers.

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Can’t find a reward you like from our programme? Try our partners’ programmes.

There’s always more ways than one to get to a destination. Enjoy the flexibility of converting your Smiles points for more reward redemption options. Simply turn your Smiles points into frequent flier miles with our partners KrisFlyer and Asia Miles to enjoy their array of perks.

Learn how to convert your Smiles points

Be in for members’ exclusives.

As a Smiles Driver Rewards member, gear up for great Esso promotions, all year round. Win exciting prizes in members-only lucky draws. Catch great giveaways like Esso vouchers and eVouchers. Enjoy a range of diesel and petrol discounts and exclusive Smiles rewards redemptions.

Esso Smiles members simply enjoy more. And here’s what a smart member would do – download the Esso app and never miss out on the latest news or deals!

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Terms and conditions
Get your FAQs here or call our Esso Smiles Customer Service Centre at 1800-300-8888