Rewards you love

Filling up at Esso is better with Smiles

Besides fuelling your car with the best Esso offers, you can accumulate Smiles Points that allow you to redeem a world of rewards—like shopping vouchers, air miles, dining treats and even the latest electronics, all from leading brands and well-loved establishments. Love rewards?
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The Noose loves Smiles

Watch and find out why your favourite characters are fans of Esso Smiles.

The Noose loves Smiles
The Noose loves Smiles
The Noose loves Smiles

Amazing rewards aren't the only things you'll love

With the Smiles Card, you'll also enjoy these benefits.

Bonus points

Earn 35% bonus Smiles Points

Simply pump 250 litres of Synergy fuel or more in the same month, using the same Smiles Card and your bonus Smiles Points will be credited to your account at the end of the following calendar month.

No expiry

Smiles Points never expire

As long as you pump at Esso and earn Smiles Points once within 12 months, your Smiles Points will never expire.

Start redeeming

Register your Smiles Card to redeem rewards

You can start redeeming rewards immediately. Just remember to register online to activate your rewards redemptions. Register now.

Convenient tracking

Check your Smiles Points balance on your receipt

It's that easy. Simply look at bottom of your latest Esso receipt to keep track of your Smiles Points.