Smile more with Smiles

Earn 1 Smiles Point with every litre of Synergy fuel pumped, and use these points in exchange for rewards that you'll love. If you are a driver of a taxi, the Esso Smiles Taxi Card offers all the rewards of our Smiles Classic Card, along with the added privilege of greater discounts on diesel purchases. Sign up now at an Esso service station near you.

Smiles Card terms & conditions
Smiles Taxi Card terms & conditions

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How to redeem

Already a Smiles member? Discover how simple it is to start earning your Smiles Points, and how you can redeem rewards that will make you smile. On top of that, you can also convert your points into our partners' membership points to enjoy an even greater selection of benefits.

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Earning and redeeming rewards instantly

Sign up for Smiles Driver Rewards at any Esso service station and start earning Smiles Points when you fuel up.
For instant redemptions, simply inform the cashier of the reward you wish to redeem, and the required Smiles Points will be deducted from your account.
A receipt with details of your recent Smiles Points transaction and your new balance will be issued for your ease of reference.

Instant rewards

Redeem rewards instantly by simply presenting your Smiles Card at any Esso service station.


Petrol banner

$10 Instant fuel redemption

300 Smiles Points
Code: 4954

$30 Instant fuel redemption

750 Smiles Points
Code: 4955


Convenience Store banner

$5 Instant mart redemption

250 Smiles Points
Code: 4945

Car wash

Car Wash banner

Instant foam wash - Saloon car

220 Smiles Points
Code: 4946

Instant foam wash - MPV/SUV/Van

260 Smiles Points
Code: 4948

Checking your balance

To check your Smiles Points balance, please refer to the bottom of the receipt, of your most recent purchase made at an Esso service station.

Alternatively, you may contact our Smiles Customer Service Hotline at 1800-300-8888 from 9am to 6pm (Mondays to Fridays, except weekends and public holidays) or simply check with our cashiers at any Esso service station.

Convert your points

Easily turn your Smiles Points into our partners' loyalty points to enjoy a greater selection of rewards.

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